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Psychological Therapy Terms and Conditions


Psychological Therapy Terms and Conditions

Dr Gurpreet Kaur BSc (Hons), MA, DclinPsy, C.Psychol.

Chartered Psychologists are registered and regulated by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Health Professions Council.
Registration details and the code of practice and ethics to which we adhere may be viewed on the BPS website bps.org.uk.

Clinic/appointment hours:

Chessington clinic: Monday, Tuesday and occasional Fridays (9-1).
The office may be contacted Monday to Friday 9.30-5.30pm by telephone 01420 540274 or email : info@drkaurtherapy.com
Online Skype sessions will also be available throughout the week – please contact me to discuss.

Current fees

£150 for the first assessment appointment then £110 per hourly session. If a shorter session is agreed this would be charged on a pro rata basis.
Fees should be paid before or at session by bank transfer or cheque.
If fees are being paid by private medical insurance the sessions would normally be invoiced directly to the insurance provider and often vary due to additional reporting/administration costs.

Session Duration

Initial assessment is usually one and a half hours duration, thereafter sessions are normally 1 hour duration.
5 minutes will be taken from each session to spend on administration and relfection.
If additional consultation by telephone or email is required this may be discussed at the session and will be charged at the normal fee rate on a pro rata basis.

Late or missed sessions

As your session has been booked for you, if you are late it may not be able to be extended and your session will consist of the remaining allocated time.
If you would like to extend a session the additional time over and above the time booked is payable. If you miss the session the full cost is payable.


Please note that 72 hrs (three working days) notice of cancellation needs to be given once a session is booked otherwise the full cost of the session will be charged.
If you need to cancel or change an appointment I can be contacted on my mobile 07950 175874 or by email: info@drkaurtherapy.com


Your right to confidentiality is strictly observed in all circumstances except where I believe that there is a significant risk of harm to yourself or others.
This particularly applies where children may be concerned as my professional ethical responsibilities are then statutory.
In the event that risk issues arise I will discuss it with you immediately but reserve the right to inform outside agencies as appropriate.
As part of our continuous professional development, all properly registered Psychologists are required to attend regular supervision sessions in order to maintain the quality of their work.
Individual issues are discussed but confidentiality is maintained i.e. clients are not identified and personal information is kept to the minimum necessary for clinical understanding.