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Fees & Payments

1 hour Therapy sessions* – £115

1 hour for a one-ff consultation – £125

1 hour couple therapy – £125

All sessions are taking place online only at the moment – please contact me to discuss fees at: info@drkaurtherapy.com

Reports will be written if requested, and will be charged for

* 1 hour session (55 mins session allowing 5 mins for admin)

Additional Information

If fees are paid by private medical insurance the sessions would normally be invoiced directly to the insurance provider and often vary due to additional reporting/administration costs. Payment of fees for missed appointment will be agreed at the first session.

If additional consultation by telephone or email is required this can be discussed and will be charged at the normal fee on a pro rata basis.

Late or missed sessions

Sessions are prebooked and can rarely be extended if you are running late. Sessions will be available for the time booked. If you would like longer sessions, the additional times over and above the time booked is payable. If you miss the session the full cost is payable. 


Please notes that 72 hours (3 working days) notice of cancellation needs to be given once a session is booked otherwise the full cost of the session will be charged.