What is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT, is considered a form of CBT, with a focus on the development of the client’s mindfulness skillset. The aim of ACT is to help clients stop avoiding, denying, or struggling with their deep emotions which cause unhelpful patterns. Usually, ACT will help focus a client on understanding the emotional responses to their experiences were appropriate. This acceptance can help individuals move on with their lives in an effective way. With ACT you will be able to tell whether action or acceptance of a situation is required and commit to stop using old and often harmful patterns of behaviour. ACT is suitable for the treatment of several conditions, such as anxiety and depression. For ACT in Surrey, Surrey Psychology offers online and in person sessions with registered professional Dr Gurpreet Kaur.

The History of ACT

The creation of ACT in 1982 is attributed to Dr Steven C. Hayes and has since become a respected and recognized therapeutic approach. The approach is an extension of his rational frame theory and aims to develop the four following aspects in the client: acceptance, cognitive defusion, contact with the present moment, and the observing self. We are proud to offer ACT in Surrey.

Dr Gurpreet Kaur

Dr Gurpreet Kaur is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist based in Epsom, Surrey. Since graduating from University College London in 2011, Dr Gurpreet Kaur has developed her skills and has become adept at tailoring the sessions she offers to the needs of the client. Dr Gurpreet Kaur is experienced in providing CBT, EMDR, and ACT in Surrey.

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