Big T & Small t Trauma

Whilst many individuals associate trauma with big life events such as experiencing war or natural disaster, it isn’t as simple as that, with trauma being more complicated than you might imagine. Whilst trauma can cause overwhelming, and often debilitating circumstances for those struggling with it, there is help available from Surrey Psychology.

Big-T Trauma

Big T traumas are most commonly associated with PTSD, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. These events usually include serious injury, sexual violence, or life-threatening injury. Witnesses of Big T events, or even those living and working within close proximity of those who have experienced trauma are also at risk of developing PTSD.

Small-t Trauma

Small t traumas are those caused by highly distressing events in an individual’s personal life. These may include anything from a relationship breakup, the death of a pet, to bullying and harassment. Treatment for small t trauma focuses on how it is affecting you as an individual, and how best to tackle it from that angle.

Trauma Treatment

Luckily, there are treatments available for both types of traumas, and with help from Dr Gurpreet Kaur of Surrey Psychology, you could find your path back to living a fulfilling life. Treatment for Big T and Small t traumas may differ slightly depending on the circumstances, and the individual in question. Dr Gurpreet Kaur specialises in specialising her treatments and is able to incorporate elements of a variety of evidence-based therapies depending on what is necessary. For trauma and PTSD therapy in Surrey, think Dr Gurpreet Kaur at Surrey Psychology.

Surrey Psychology

For trauma therapy, get in touch with Dr Gurpreet Kaur today by requesting an appointment using our online enquiry form.

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