Talking therapies are some of the most effective evidence-based treatments for a variety of psychological conditions available. Here we will explore talking therapies, their origins, and those on offer at Surrey Psychology from Chartered Psychologist Dr Gurpreet Kaur.


Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), an available talking therapy at Surrey Psychology, is a well-respected treatment for myriad of conditions, su

ch as depression and anxiety, that had its foundations in stoic philosophy. CBT is utilised the world over and is applied at Surrey Psychology if it is determined to be the best route for the individual in question. CBT revolves around looking to tackle the cognitive and behavioural patterns of the condition. As a talking therapy in Surrey, CBT is an option favoured by trained professionals everywhere.


Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is a therapeutic approach that has the aim of helping clients to stop avoiding, denying, and struggling with their deeper emotions. ACT is a talking therapy available at Surrey Psychology and its approach involves allowing the client to view their deep emotional responses as ones that are perhaps appropriate the situations they have found themselves experiencing.


Other therapies available at Surrey Psychology include EMDR, SFT, CFT, and MBCT. To find out more about these therapies you can visit our dedicated Therapies page on our website.

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Dr Gurpreet Kaur is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist based in Epsom, Surrey. Dr Gurpreet Kaur has been honing her skillset since 2001, and is familiar with tailoring her services to a wide range of clients with a multitude of different needs.

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