Due to the way adolescence is represented in the media and perceived by our parents when we were once teenagers, problems like stress, anxiety and low mood in young people can be hard to spot. It is important not to shrug off the presence of problems like stress and anxiety in young people as just being due to their age bracket. A trained psychologist in Surrey can help to diagnose whether mental health concerns are due to a condition or hormonal changes and importantly, they can provide the right therapy to guide the young adult in the right direction.

Anxiety in young people

Lots of people report feeling anxiety as young people are sharing their mental health struggles on platforms like TikTok. To spot the symptoms of anxiety in the young adult in your life, look for a persistent feeling of nervousness without an identifiable cause, repeated tension and watch out for panic attacks. If anxiety is left to fester without treatment, it could worsen to include physical symptoms like an increased heart rate or panic attacks. CBT is applied in therapy with young people by our reputable psychologists in Surrey, with ACT and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy also being offered as effective forms of therapy for young people.

Moody teenagers

While the image of a ‘moody teenager’ is familiar to everyone, it would be right to be concerned if the young adult feels continuously low without much emotional range. The symptoms of depression stem from low moods so therapeutic help should be given before the condition has a chance to develop. Proven therapies like CBT, EMDR, ACT and others are delivered by the psychologists in Surrey to young adults suffering from low moods.

Young people experience a lot of hormonal changes and emotions they are not familiar with. A therapist can be useful in helping young people to deal effectively with their feelings and experiences if they appear to be struggling. Early intervention paves the way for a more balanced and mentally healthy adult life.

Fractured sibling relationships

Do they have a brother or sister who simply rubs them up the wrong way, and no matter what you do, the two just can’t seem to get along? Whether it’s persistent squabbles or total estrangement, fractured sibling relationships take many forms. “Conflict can manifest through competitive behaviours; belittling achievements, viewpoints, desires, or actions; intruding on personal boundaries and intentionally provoking siblings to anger them or create a ‘they started it’ scenario,”.

Sometimes teenagers may struggle to identify with the idea of therapy and may resist this, others will embrace it with open arms. If you are a parent of a young person who is pushing away therapy, you can feel more empowered as a parent by having a consultation with a therapist to think through more objectively about what might be happening or how better to manage it.

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